Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Olie and Lenny =]

This is about me so you know.I love animals and plants so much and hate people who abuse and kill them.I have a club named Olie and Lenny it is to save the earth and stop animal and plant abuse.I have some awesome pets.I have two Russian tortoises Lenny and Oliver.Two hermit crabs Star and Bobby.Two parakeets Spencer and Blue.One betta fish Freddy and one cat Olie.I love them so much because they are awesome pets.I have a plant named Tom thats right I named my plant.I love my plant so much too because its cool.I have three best friends in real life that I always hang out with.I also love webkinz because they are cool to play with.I am a TomBoy so I like guy stuff and dress up like one because its awesome.I love rock,heavy metol,and rap music because they are cool to listen to.My favorite colors are black and white. =]